Connecting to Partner Environment

Now that your services are setup, it's time to connect to the partner environment.


Please ensure you've finished setting up your vendor services before proceeding.


In order for these API Calls to work, we require that the GRADIENT-TOKEN contain both the Vendor API Key and the Partner API Key.

Please reference GRADIENT-TOKEN Generation Recipe for further details.

Partner API Key Generation

Within Synthesize, a partner will generate their Partner API Key allowing them to connect the integration with your platform. This partner can Disconnect the integration or generate a new Partner API Key. When the integration is disconnected, all Accounts you create will be deleted and need to be recreated if the partner authenticates the integration in the future. If the partner regenerates their Partner API Key without disconnecting the integration, the accounts created will still exist.

Performing the Get Accounts API Call each time a partner authenticates the integration with you is recommended so you can confirm which accounts exist and create any missing accounts.

Get Partner Integration Settings

The Get Partner Integration Settings API Call will verify your GRADIENT-TOKEN is working as intended and will display the integration settings for the partner.

Update the Integration Status

Update the integration Status API Call will allow you to set the partner integration to either of the following options.

  • Active
  • Pending
  • Disabled
  • Error


Set the status to Pending after initial authentication

When the partner enters their Partner API Key in the vendor portal to authenticate the integration. Set the status to pending so Gradient Authentication will succeed.

Get Clients

The Get Clients API Call will display a list of clients pulled from their PSA.

Create an Account

The Create an Account API Call will allow you to create the accounts associated with an MSP in bulk.

This will allow Gradient to pull in those accounts and perform the account mapping for the PSA Clients to the Accounts you created.


Account Mapping is one-to-one

Ensure you are sending a unique account for each customer the MSP has. During the account mapping step of the integration, users can only map one PSA account to one account you've provided.

Get Accounts

The Get Accounts API Call will allow you to see the accounts you created using the Create an Account API Call

Update Account

The Update Account API Call will allow you to update an existing account created using the Create an Account API Call. If there is a spelling mistake with the account name, or the ID for the account has changed, you can update this information as needed.


Now that you have connected to the partner environment, updated the integration status to pending, and provided us a list of accounts for the MSP you're ready to start working with Billing and Alerts modules.

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