Getting Started

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Interested in using our Synthesize API?

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Why the Synthesize API?


Rapid to Market

The Synthesize API supports the PSAs you might already integrate with, plus many of the ones you don't. Integrating makes billing reconciliation automated for your MSP partners & resellers so they get paid for everything they do. We help you grow your channel business by connecting you to a growing list of PSAs and removing the need to spend time building, supporting, and maintaining them yourself.

Effortless to Build

Accelerate time-to-market and expand market reach through a single integration with a unified API that delivers inherited integrations to an ever-expanding list of the most popular PSAs. Building an integration using Synthesize requires 50-75% less effort than building directly with any PSA (depending on the integration use case).

Free to Access

Synthesize is completely free. No integration cost. No rev-sharing. No non-competes. No chasing anyone for API access and assistance.

First steps

As a Vendor, you will need to create and manage the services that you offer. Once complete, MSP partners will connect to your integration. Then, the Synthesize API will accept a list of their clients. Finally, the MSP will map their clients and their service offerings to yours within Synthesize Billing Module.

Until your integration is complete, MSP partners can only see the information that is pulled directly from their PSA.


After your integration is configured, partners will see:

  • Current usage from the PSA
  • Usage from you directly

This allows the partner to reconcile their billing with the click of a button.



Before proceeding, please view the Use Case and User Flow Diagrams.


  • JSON File -
  • Vendor API Key - This is a unique key for each vendor. If you do not have an API Key, please reach out to our Technology Alliances team.
  • Partner API Key - When a partner is ready to use your integration, they will need to insert the Partner API Key. This allows us to know which Vendor, and which Partner we're associating


In order to authorize your connection with Gradient, we require a GRADIENT-TOKEN.

Visit the GRADIENT-TOKEN Generation Recipe for guidance on setting up your GRADIENT-TOKEN.

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What’s Next

Now that you've created your GRADIENT-TOKEN, we recommend you set up your vendor services.

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