Adds an alert to the alerting queue


To create an Alert, we require the GRADIENT-TOKEN to contain both the Vendor API Key and Partner API Key.

The accountId, title, description, alertId, priority, and status fields are required. See details regarding each field below.

  • accountId - This represents the unique accountId you used during the Create an Account API Call
  • title - This represents the alert title
  • description - This represents the body of the alert being created
  • alertId - This represents the unique identifier for the notification on your end, allowing you to reference the alert later on
  • priority - This represents the priority for the ticket within the PSA - default priority is 1
  • status - This represents the status the ticket is created in the PSA - default status is 1
  • dueDateTime - This field is optional and represents when the alert should be resolved by
  • serviceId - This field is optional and allows you to break alerts out by service. You can associate the service that the alert is in reference to

Sample Response

When you create an Alert, it will be added to a queue for processing. Once processed, you can use the messageId in the Checks if a ticket created is from the sent alert API Call.

  "messageId": "",
  "alertId": "1",
  "correlationID": "64...a6"
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