Retrieves Vendor with VendorSku[] filtered by service id


Get Vendor Service API allows you to gather additional information on the Service that you created on the Create Service for a Vendor.


Get Vendor Service API Call requires a serviceId.

The Service ID represents the ID for the Service and can be found in the Get Vendor API Call

Sample Response

The sample response will show you details regarding the service, including the Name, Description, Category, Subcategory, and ID used in other API Calls.

  "status": 200,
  "data": {
    "_id": "64...69",
    "name": "API",
    "description": "API is a custom made vendor",
    "skus": [
        "name": "Test Service",
        "description": "Test Service Description",
        "category": "security",
        "subcategory": "endpoint detection and response (EDR)",
        "_id": "64...6c",
        "id": "64...6c"
    "id": "64...69"
  "message": "Success - Retrieved Service"
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