Creates an account


The Create an Account API Call will allow you to provide us with the accounts that an MSP supports.


If the partner disconnects the integration from Gradient, all Accounts will be deleted and need to be recreated if they reauthenticate the integration.

Partners can generate a new Partner API Key without disconnecting the integration. It is recommended to perform the Get Accounts API Call before performing this call to prevent issues.


In order to use the Create an Account API Call, we require the GRADIENT-TOKEN to contain both the Vendor API Key and Partner API Key.

The name and id fields are required.

  • name represents the name of the account
  • id represents the unique ID you use to identify the account

This API Call allows you to provide all accounts associated with an MSP in bulk.

Sample Response

When you create an account, the response will show the ID you used and the name and description associated with the account.

    "id": "1",
    "name": "Sample Account",
    "description": ""
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