Not Implemented: Update details for a single service for that integration


Under Renovation

This API Call is currently under renovation. Performing this call will currently result in a 501 error.

If you need to update a Service created, please reach out to Support for assistance.


Update Vendor Service API allows you to update an existing Service with new, or additional information.


Update Vendor Service API requires a serviceId.

The Service ID represents the ID for the Service, and can be found in the Get Vendor API Call


Update Vendor Service API allows you to add or update the following items

  • name - This will update the name of the Service
  • description - This will update the description of the Service
  • supportLink - This represents a link to support documentation
  • supportContact - This represents an email address for a support contact
  • category - This represents the category that the Service relates to
  • subcategory - This represents the subcategory that the Service relates to
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