Set route for adding new unit count for one client, and one service


Create new unit count API Call allows you to manually select the unit count and price assigned to the service associated with a client.


Create new unit count requires the following items

NOTE: We require the accountId or the clientOid to be present in order for the API Call to be successful

  • serviceId - This represents the ID for the service that will be associated to a client. To get the serviceId see Get Vendor
  • clientOid - This represents the ID for the client that you're assigning the service to. To get the clientOid see Get Clients
  • accountId - This represents the ID for the Account you created in the Create an Account API Call to retrieve the accountId perform the Get Accounts API Call. Please note that the accountId field must be mapped to a client from the MSP. If you're testing this call in your environment, and need the account you've created mapped to the seeded accounts we've provided you, please reach out to Vendor Support
  • unitCount - This represents the count of service the client requires
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